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The Project

With the theme: “Because the world needs water”, the Professor Água Project presents ludic and attractive materials.

Professor Água explains essential issues, such as: floods, droughts, water quality, contamination, protection of the environment and much more.


Video 1: Professor Água

Episode 1: Drinking with Dinosaurs

Episode 2: Concrete and Floods

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Sustainable Water: because the world needs water


In order to disseminate educational content online, the videos will take between 30 seconds and 1 minute.

The character Professor Água interact with the audience to transmit the concepts in a simple and easily way.


Support materials will be produced for use in schools.

There are several topics related to water and activities, the objective is to develop students' critical sense and awareness.


Everton de Oliveira | Instituto Água Sustentável

Geologist, Ph.D. in hydrogeology from Waterloo, Canada; founder and CEO of HIDROPLAN; , Researcher at Center of environmental Research CEA-UNESP-Rio Claro, Ex-President of the Brazilian Groundwater Association (ABAS), President of the Brazilian Chapter of the International Association of Hydrogeologists (IAH-BR). Director of The Groundwater Project.

Gustavo Alves da Silva | Instituto Água Sustentável

Geologist, MBA in Environment from Escola Politecnica da USP, senior partner at HIDROPLAN, Vice-president of the Brazilian Groundwater Association (ABAS), member of the Assessing Committee of the Conselho Nacional de Recursos Hidricos and the Assessing Committee from the Groundwater Governance.

Daniel Cardoso | Instituto Água Sustentável

Geologist and M.Sc. in geology from IGCE-UNESP, senior partner of HIDROPLAN, Vice-president of the Sao Paulo State Geologists Association (APG), Counselor at the Geology Chamber of CREA-SP.

Bruna C. Soldera - Instituto Água Sustentável

Geographer, M.Sc. in Agronomy and Ph.D. in Earth Sciences and Environment, Editor of the Holos Environment journal and Associated editor of the Águas Subterrâneas Journal. Primary focuses on sustainability and water footprint.

Isabella E. C. Marcello - Instituto Água Sustentável

Environmental engineer and M.Sc. in Contaminated Sites Management from Centro Universitario SENAC-SP, junior partner at HIDROPLAN. Experienced in site assessment and remediation of contaminated sites.

Henrique Jabali - Creation Director

Renowned Creative Director. Won several awards in the area, of which the following stand out: Cannes Lions, El Ojo de Iberoamerica, Wave Festival, Fiap, New York Festivals.

Ricardo Kawano - Art Director

More than 13 years of experience in the market. Won several awards, including: Plece Winner - The Dieline Awards, CCSP, El Ojo de Iberoamerica, Fiap, Wave Festival, Popular Vote.

Gabriella Pimentel -  Art Director

Art Director. Social Communication Degree with a focus on advertising. More than 7 years working in the area. Won some international awards such as Effie Awards, El Ojo de Iberoaméric and Cannes Lions.

Bernardo França -  Illustrator

Art director and set designer for animation, also producing authorial works with drawings, walls and paintings. He frequently illustrates for the largest media outlets in Brazil and the world.

Edson Grandisoli - Reconectta

PhD in Education for Sustainable Development by PROCAM, Master Degree in Ecology. Teacher for over 20 years in the public and private schools, and teacher trainer.

Maurício Olivieri - Trust Filmes

Graduated in Advertising, with specialization in Planning and Strategic at Miami Ad School. He is Co-Founder and Scene Director of Trust Filmes, an image producer that has been in the audiovisual market for 20 years.

Bianca Aguiar - Trust Filmes

Graduated in Social Communication, with a degree in Radio and TV at USCS and post-major in Project Management at PUC-MG, she is Project Coordinator at Trust Filmes.

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